Downgrading HP Pavilion tx2000 to Windows XP

NOTE: This is for XP 32bit ONLY

This is the second HP Vista machine that I've downgraded to XP, and the inspiration for starting this blog. The purpose being to take all the information I find when scraping around the HP Business support forums and other resources, collect it in one easy to use page, and give that poor sap who googles "Downgrade tx2000 Windows XP" another chance at finding his solution on the first page.

Let's get to the point. Downgrading the HP Pavilion tx2000 series (more specifically tx2120us) from Vista to XP.

All information in this post was pulled from the wonder research of
schj98 on the TabletReview forums. Many thanks!

1. Backup all of your data on your Vista machine (duh).

2. Install Windows XP (I'm assuming a bit of knowledge right now, but if you need some help go here)

3. After installation, download the following drivers:
  • Wacom Tablet driver for the touch screen.
  • Video card driver.
  • This driver package. Contains drivers for Bluetooth, Wireless, Webcam, Lightscribe, 58k modem, and Audio. It also has the driver and software for the fingerprint scanner, if you feel like that's something you want. There's also a folder called "Co-Processor" that has no setup.exe, you must manually install it.
  • This nForce driver (thanks Drtigerlilly).
  • The latest Quick Launch drivers (if you like Quick Launch keys)
4. You can pretty much install in any order you'd like, just save the co-processor for last. All of the HP executables will want to extract to "C:\SWSetup\". I usually change that to something a little more recognizable, like "Bluetooth", just in case I need to come back to it. After the excecutable extracts to the specified directory, it will automatically launch the installer for the driver. So just sit back, double click, say yes to everything, and reboot until finished.

5. Now you have all the above drivers installed with the exception of the "Co-Processor". Click start (assuming you're using standard XP menu), right click on "My Computer" and click on "Manage".

6. This will bring up the "Computer Management" screen. Click on "Device Manager" on the left. That will populate a list of devices, and you will see a big fat yellow question mark with a device next to it called "Co-Processor".

7. Double click on the co-processor, select reinstall driver, select no to connecting to windows updates, select the option to specifiy the location of the driver, and guide the driver installer to the folder that you extracted "Co-processor" to. Hit next, and it should install automatically.

Congratulations! Run your Windows Updates and you are now 100% in Windows XP!

Note: In some cases the front audio jack does not work, you may want to install this driver.

Download all Drivers here:

HID USB Touch Digitizer


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