Using proxy cpanel without using port 2082/2083

Here is something which you can do if the cPanel port , i.e port 2082 or 2083 is not working ……

Think .. if the customer has gone irate and he urgently wants to access cPanel but the port 2082 or 2083 is blocked at his end.

The steps will allow you to access cPanel without using port 80, i.e the Http port.


Go to URL:

1. create a subdomain
2. cd /home/user/public_html/cpanel/
3. wget
4. unzip
5. make sure that the files cpanelproxy.php, .htaccess and php.ini is present inside /home/user/public_html/cpanel/
5. now you can access the cpanel as ( ie through port 80 instead of port 2082)


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