How to add Static Page in Blogger?

Step 1. Open your Blogger Dashboard.
Step 2. Navigate to the Posting Tab.
Step 3. Now you will see the EDIT PAGES link between the Edit posts and Comment Moderation links. Refer Screen shot Given Below.

  • Blogger Static PageAdd a New Page By Clicking on the New Page Button Given Below.
New Page as Static PageStep 4. Put Title of your static Page in Page Title and Write the stuff you needs. After Publishing the Page you will get this message like "Your Page was published successfully!, And View your Page in New Window. your URL should be something like this:

Publish Static PageStep 5. You can display all your static pages you have created by clicking on the Add the Page List Gadget, See above screen shot for reference. Below is the screen shot of Add the page list Gadget.

Configure Page list
Step 6. After Configuring the page list click on save and you will find the list of pages you have been created on your blog. See Below image, this is how your pages links look like. you can change the place of this pages from your Layout.


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