MakeMe3D – 3D Video Conversion Software Limited License Giveaway

3D movies are definitely catching up, and with the Entertainment Electronics industry busy with development of 3D Movies, 3D TVs, etc., it can be said that a new 3D boom age has already arrived.
With MakeMe3D, now you can also make a real 3D movie out of any video files, that too for FREE (of course for a limited time as this software will cost $50 to purchase later)!

MakeMe3D is a windows-based software that is designed to convert 2D videos into third dimensions, providing viewers with a real 3D experience.
MakeMe3D Supports:

  • Polarisation glasses

  • Shutter technology

  • And of course Anaglyph 3D glasses (red & cyan, red & blue, green & magenta and yellow & blue) to experience a 3D effect.
    This program supports importing of videos in various formats such as Video DVD, AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MPG and TS, and can store the converted 3D Video files in AVI, MPG, MP4 and WMV formats.
    This MakeMe3D software costs as much as $50, but here is how you can get this software for FREE.
      2. After installing MakeMe3D, a registration window will pop up asking you to enter your name and your email address. Submit your personal details.
      3. You’ll soon receive an email with confirmation link to confirm your registration. Confirm on the link.
      4. You’ll then again receive your free MakeMe3d 3D Video Conversion software serial key. You can use this registration key to register and MakeMe3D.
    NOTE: I just registered MakeMe3D for two licenses, and it seems the author of this program is giving away the same key to everyone.
    So to cut the long story short, you can just simply skip all the above processes and register your own MakeMe3D with the following serial key:


    So what are you waiting for? Start making your video files for a real 3D experience with this 3D Video Conversion software.
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