iOS (iPhone/iPad) Web Browser Simulator for Windows

  • FREE!
  • Indispensable if you don't own a Mac.
  • Great for presentations!
  • No dependencies, a standalone compact installer.
  • Works great with jQuery Mobile and other top Mobile Web JavaScript Libs.
  • View some short videos of the simulator on YouTube (No Voice over): Video 1  Video 2.
  • Solid simulation of iOS Web Browsing Experience (iPad and iPhone).
  • Zoom in and out on device content and device chrome.
  • Toggle Browser Chrome to approximate the experience of Web Apps added to the iOS home screen.
  • Test iOS detection on your Web site with full iOS user agent string simulation.
  • Based on WebKit 533.x (Desktop, so its not perfect!)

(For Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7)
Download Electric Mobile Simulator Beta 1c Installer (15.7mb) (BETA)


Jengkoil said…
hehe... x mampu ada gadget ni.. so guna simulator jela... :)

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