Samsung Galaxy Note: Remove the Yellow Triangle

Samsung Galaxy Note: Remove the Yellow Triangle
The Samsung Galaxy Note, like many other Samsung Galaxy phones, is pretty easy to root. Usually it requires flashing a kernel with a custom recovery over Odin, then flashing Superuser in recovery. This doesn't mean that Samsung doesn't want to know about it though, and the phone will respond by placing a very ugly, very low definition yellow triangle on the boot screen when you turn the phone on.
This yellow triangle is annoying and aesthetically not pleasing. It might not be so bad if it were in a higher resolution, but that little, seemingly 16 bit triangle makes an otherwise beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note look cheap(er). If only for a few seconds.
So today, we're going to use a nice, easy hack to get rid of that ugly little triangle and give you the proper instructions to make sure it stays gone using a method that does not involve one of those nifty USB jigs... If only it had been that easy to get rid of George W Bush.
Before we begin, there's a few things you'll need to be sure you have. One is a computer running Windows. The script that runs the process is written as a .bat file, which means Windows only. Two, is a rooted Galaxy Note. This script can actually root a Galaxy Note, but only certain firmwares and it's better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you're already rooted. Three is an archive manager such as 7zip. Four, make sure you have the ADB Device Drivers for the Galaxy Note installed on your computer. This should be attainable simply by plugging your Note in and letting it install itself on your computer.
Once you've got the prerequisites, it is time to begin. Please note (pun intended) that this will not reset the binary counter. You do need a USB jig to reset that.
Begin by hitting up the first source link below and downloading the in the attachments. Then, head on over to the second source link, navigate to the second post and download the from the attachments there.
Place both zip files into their own folder so you don't lose them and then unzip them.
Next, you're going to take the zImage that you extracted and place it in the zImage folder. With that done, you're going to get on your Galaxy Note to ensure that USB Debugging and Unknown Sources is enabled. To get to USB Debugging, hit Menu, then Settings, then Applications, then development. Then, for Unknown Sources, hit Menu, then Settings, then Applications.
Once that is done, plug in your Note and skip past the PC Software Companion. It will cause you nothing but problems.
From there, double click the file entitled already-rooted. Be sure you read the first prompt to make sure everything that should be done is done. If you've been following this guide properly, it will be, but it never hurts to double check. Then hit Enter to activate the program and follow the instructions.Samsung Galaxy Note: Remove the Yellow Triangle
Once done, you may lay your Galaxy Note on the table, navigate to the closest mirror and reaffirm your awesomeness because you are done. The next time your Galaxy Note turns on, your yellow triangle should be gone. Good riddance I say! Samsung should've been more thoughtful when designing their annoying yellow triangles.
To keep the yellow triangle gone for good, use the Root Flasher tool to flash any kernels using this same method. Download your favorite kernel. Extract and find the zImage file, put it in the zImage folder and run the script. This is a convenient way to change your kernel without that yellow triangle coming back. Additionally, flashing anything via ClockworkMod Recovery will also not bring it back. So there you have it. No more nasty, yellow triangle and now you know how to keep it gone. Always remember: Power corrupts. Knowledge is power. Study hard. Be evil. Have a good day Mobotniks!
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