Samsung Galaxy Note - MidNote 3.3 ICS ROM

1. Download the MIDNOTE3.3 zip file WITH MD5 6e929c82208c0e810349ab246efaa2dd : - 583.5 MB
2. Do a nandroid backup of your actual situation
3. Open mobile Odin and select "open file", then select "step 1" tar file. Now select "kernel", then select "step 2" file (this time is "zImage" without any extension), verify that ALL (enable everoot, inject superuser, inject mobile Odin) are checked, then check also "wipe data and cache". Now press "flash firmware" and answer "yes" on md5 verify.....
4. After the flash, you will be in CWM recovery, do a WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET, DON'T EXIT FROM RECOVERY but select "step 3" zip file and flash it. Now reboot.
5. Wait for cache rebuild, then when prompted select "SETUPWIZARD" (the second choice), check time option to "auto", then CHECK BOTH GOOGLE LOCATIONS options (keep attention to this step), DON'T ENTER YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT name and password in this step, finish your setup. Now select the launcher.
6. If you like STOCK SAMSUNG THEME, download this zip and flash it with CWM recovery : - 22.2 MB
7. Some users reported me that new "SNote" doesn't works for them, if this happens to you, please flash this zip from CWM recovery (Back to "OLD SMemo") : - 32.8 MB


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