Sygic GPS Navigation Full Version for Android (apk)

Sygic Gps Navigation 11.2.6 has been released for AndroidSygic is a professional app that is used for GPS navigation turn-by-turn. Sygic Gps Navigation 11.2.6 will work in many ways like you can drag the map, change point of view using built-in, pinch to zoom, and tap target square to choose action.Sygic has 3D view of cities that are updated for free also with travel guides.

Sygic GPS Navigation
Sygic GPS Navigation

New in Sygic GPS Navigation:

  • Search of house numbers in Germany and Czech Republic fixed
  • Latest maps with updated road coverage for Pakistan
  • Introducing Real-Time Traffic information for Singapore! Know what lies ahead with the first and only navigation app that features fully integrated traffic for Singapore.

Requirement of Sygic GPS Navigation:

  • Android 2.1 or Higher Version
Installation Instructions:
  1. Download and install the .apk
  2. Download the Base Files and desired Maps
  3. Extract/unrar and copy the file ‘Aura’ (the base files) into the path /sdcard/
  4. Extract/unrar the Maps (the resulting folder should read something like ‘xxx.yy.2013.01')
  5. Copy that into the path /sdcard/aura/maps/
  6. If you would like to place the files in your external memory, follow these paths:/sdcard/external_sd/ and /sdcard/external_sd/aura/maps/
  7. Only for the FIRST time: Launch ‘Sygic Downloader’ that gets installed along with the app. You might have to download a small amount of data (~30 MB) for the first time. It verifies and should show 100% against the maps you have installed.
  8. Close downloader and launch the app.
  9. Please do not attempt to ‘Activate’ the product. Your app will go back to trial version ifyou do so.
  10. OPTIONAL: You may use an email and password to log-in to Sygic when it prompts. You will get access to additional features like weather, etc. without affecting the app.
  11. Happy navigating! :-)
Download Here (adfly)
Download Here (adfocus)


Myvitrd said…
tq2 share this info.. after i success install.. i will review at my blog
Jengkoil said…
yes! i think best GPS.. sometime i use waze.. :) said…
where's the download link 4 base file and other thing?

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