LiquidSmooth V3 "Linaro" for Galaxy Note (N7000)

★★★ LiquidSmooth for SGN ★★★

Rom Features
Extremely responsive, slim, resource friendly UI
Backup/Restore Liquid Control configurations so you can reflash and retain your personal UI/ROM customizations (note this does not apply to any of the settings under the goodies section)
Liquid Control, allows for manipulation, customization, and optimization of nearly every area of this ROM.
Full screen mode (upper left of power menu birdie!)
More Incremental Navbar Heights to tweak the size just to your liking!
Now Includes 5 Lockscreen options
Customizable Navbar background color, button glow speed, colorkeys.
Center clock mod/customizable Color
Customizable battery icons
PropModder, a new convient way to edit your build.prop with the flick of a finger!
Quad/Octo Lockscreen with native/(now customizable) ICS icons
Overclocking/Undervolting Perfromance Utility
Gamma/Color Control
And much much more!


Download LiquidSmooth V3 (adfly)
Download LiquidSmooth V3 (adfocus)

Installation LiquidSmooth V3

This is the safest way to flash LiquidSmooth to avoid your device from super brick.
You can be on any rom simple follow the installation guide...

1. Go to CWM and flash Abyss Kernel 4.2 (safe Kernel)
2. Under advanced Reboot Recovery
3. In Abyss 4.2 Recovery wipe data then wipe cache and dalvik
4. Install LiquidSmooth V3
5. Reboot Phone

You have installed LiquidSmooth ?

Go to Settings - Liquid Control - Propmodder
Check "Optimize TCP Stack"
Check "3G Speed Hack"
Check " GPU Acceleration"

Reboot your Phone and enjoy the Smoothness 

Changelog LiquidSmooth V3

Added Francos r6 Kernel THX
New Themed MMS.apk
Specifiy load offset for ramdisk
Settings: Fix data toggle
Added Liquid Launcher with alot optimizations and tweaks
Added Lockscreen weather and reset manual sync timeout
Framework more Themed
Settings completely rewritten
Volume FC fixed
Brightness FC fixed
Settings <> LiquidControls Migration
True Bootanimation Disable
BootAnimation preload into memory when used
Cleanup Calendar code and make room for new patchset
PhoneStatusBar: fix calling the incorrect path for calendar
Clean up values: surface flinger / contact 
GPS Linaro optimizations / tweaks / fix
New Keyboard
Fix Locksreen Wallpaper FC
Telephony: Fix SmsManager 
Remove message notification while in conversation
Removal of redundant settings and duplicates
Update codebase to 4.0.4_r2.1 aka IMM76L
Changed default null iconset for liquidsmooth
Bluetooth pairing fixes
DynamicChangelog optimized
Libstagefright: LPAPlayer: Fix choppy playback on BT
(Weather) Sync on n/w connection, Fix authorship / liscensing info on util classes
Linaro toolchain implementation / optimizations / etc...


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