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Dual Boot Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Requirements: 3.1 GB of free space on your internal SD Card. You can move the rom to external sd card by changing the config file in the SDRoms folder.

1. Backup your current rom and your data just in case something goes wrong and you can recover your data. You can skip this step if you don't need to save anything.

2. Flash any Samsung Galaxy Note ICS rom you like. Don't use CM9 or AOSP because it's not compatible. This will be the rom on your SD Card. Just follow the guild from Dev's of the rom you want to flash. Be careful about EMMC brick, please don't wipe using unsafe kernel, even if you are on my modified kernel. This kernel is based on Speedmod ICS K3-3 which has MMC_CAP_ERASE disabled. It should be safer. But I don't recommend do a wipe with any ICS kernel. If you want to wipe the data, flash safe kernel like Abyss GB kernel. Skip this step if you want to copy your current rom to SD Card.

3. Flash my scripts using CWM to copy current rom to your SD card. You can do it partially or all.
- - copy all rom partitions to SD Card.
- - copy system partition to SD Card.
- - copy data partition to SD Card.
- - copy cache partition to SD Card.

4. Flash to setup the config file for the SD Rom.

5. Flash dualboot_speedmod-ics-k3-3 kernel which supports dual boot. Everytime you install a new rom. You need to flash this modified kernel back to boot the rom on your SD Card.
Tips: Press Home button when booting to boot your phone Rom. This will skip the SD Rom config file and boot your phone Rom. 
- You can also remove or rename bootsdrom.cfg file in the SDRoms folder on your SDCard to boot your phone Rome by default.
- Flash if you want to boot the rom on SD Card again.

6. Restore your old rom, or flash any new ICS rom. This will be your main rom on your phone.

Please note that, this method only works if both roms are ICS. It will not work if you have one rom is GB and one rom is ICS unless somebody can make a kernel that works for both GB and ICS.

Credits and special thanks to:
- Hardcore for his SpeedMod N7000 ICS.
- superatmos for his TUTORIAL Building Kernel from source
- Samsung and developers for some wonderful roms.

WARNING: My scripts & modified kernel don't erase/format/wipe your data, but problems may happen when you flash your roms or wipe using CWM. Flash as your own risk. I have no responsible for any damage to your phone 


Pre-install Roms
To make it easier, I have some pre-install roms on SD Card for you guys. Just extract it then it's ready to go.
1. flash pre-install rom
2. flash dualboot kernel
3. reboot .
Now you should be able to boot your current rom (samsung ics only) and the pre-install rom on your sd card. Keep press/unpress the home button at boot until you see the boot animation to switch the rom. Check the log and the config file in the SDRoms for more details.

Pre-installed Cassies_XLR_ICS_V4_LQ3 rom - thanks to thering1975
Download Here

Pre-installed [ROM][TABLET/HYBRID]STAXXTANIUM-PARANOIDANDROID. V1.7 - Original Thread - thanks to Staxxthedan
How to Install
- Backup or rename /sdcard/SDRoms/rom1 folder if you have any previous rom on your SD Card.
- Flash or extract the SDRoms folder to root folder on your internal SD Card
download link Download Here
- Flash to boot the CM9 rom on your sd card
download link Download Here
- Reboot, and wait for the phone to boot in to PARANOIDANDROID rom

Notes: If you want to go back, flash compatible kernel for your phone rom. You may pick CF-Root, Speedmod, NoteCore, etc. Just make sure it's compatible with your phone rom.


Version 3.2b
Download Here - dualboot kernel - should completely fix issue with the new sharedata=0 in the 3.2 config file.
Download Here - config file set up with default = sdcard rom
Download Here - config file set up with default = phone rom

other scripts can be found in v3 all in one package
Dowwnload Here

Version 3.2
link removed - speedmod kernel k3-9 (dualboot, support)
Download Here - new config file with sharedata feature. Change sharedata=1 in the bootsdrom.cfg if you want to share the data partition. It's safe to share data partition if phoneRom and sdRom are the same base but different mod/theme.

Version 3.1
Download Here - speedmod kernel k3-7 (dualboot, support)
- Now you can put the in the SDRoms/update/ folder, and the kernel will extract the zip to your rom on SD Card. If you have any mod/theme, just simply rename the file to and put it in the SDRoms/update folder. Then reboot.
- If you want to wipe dalvik-cache on SDRom, you can simply create a file "wipe_dalvik-cache" and put on the SDRoms/update/ folder. Then reboot. Or simply flash this
- Check the /sdcard/SDRoms/bootsdrom.log for more info.

Version 3:
Download Here - all in one
Download Here - speedmod kernel k3-7 (dualboot support)
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