Hack Adfoc.us Earning without software 2013

New Method 

How to Get Started With Adfocus 

1 . Get An Account http://adfoc.us/?refid=50839

2. Make Sure you have a paypal Or payza Account .

How to Hack Adfoc.us Earning  ?

1. Download VPN software " HotSpot Shield " Get A 7-day trial Or A Free Trial.

I personally recommended you to download the 7-day trial , because it have a 
better connection , higher speed compare to the free trial.

2. Download page refresher 
Download link : Click Here to Download , Install it  make sure you enable the extension

3. Get Back to Adfocus Home Page And Shrink Any of the link . Example Facebook After you shrink the link ,you will get adfocus shorten link for example :www.adfoc.us/asg12

4. Then Now Connect Hotspot Shield As Show in the picture below !
     You'll the VPN icon turn to green color . 

5.Copy Any URL that you Shrink in Adfocus & Paste it on your URL Box Hit Enter you'll see a arrow beside the URL BOX

6. Then Set To 2 Minute 

7. Open At least 3 Tab To Generate The money . Between 30 miute you will get as least USD10 , if you're not satisfied with that ammount u can continue to hack it . But use another shrinked link to hack  .

8. This is My earning List After 30 Minute USD 9.48 

What's my concern 

1. Do not Hack with One link Because Adfocus have tighten their security by applying Routine Checking .
2. Do not hack more than $50 , As Adfocus lack of money , so don't be too greedy enough. 
3. Before you get paid , They will check for traffic source 

How to Avoid that from happening !

How to Avoid That ?

1. I recommended you to put adfocus full page script on                                   your blog or any website .
2. Hack until $10 is enough , as they not going to ask you lots of question .


Cesar Fernandez said…
how put adfocus full page script on my blog?
Jengkoil said…
what do you means? you just create shorten link & put on your blog to advertise.
sravan kumar said…
every thing works good but am not able to increase amount
sravan kumar said…
every thing works good but am not able to increase amount

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