How to Install AppCake: A Very Good Installous Alternative

AppCake is another favorite and quite popular Installous alternative that users have been enjoying for quite sometime. If you haven’t heard about it, AppCake is a very-near clone of Installous that lets you download cracked apps from various sources. In my limited knowledge, I am guessing AppCake takes the cake for being the most-popular Installous alternative.
Note: AppCake supports both iOS 5 and iOS 6.x.
Installing and using AppCake is super simple and it takes very little time to get started. In this quickie, you’ll learn how to install AppCake on your jailbroken iDevice, and then use AppCake to find and install cracked apps.
As always, note the disclaimer: we’re not supporting use of cracked apps but we do encourage users to try out an app before you purchase it. It would be great if developers let users try their apps before they need to buy but not all developers support this.
Here’s how to install AppCake on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
You’ll need:
  • An iOS device
  • iOS 5 or later, preferably iOS 6 / 6.0.1
  • Jailbreak, Cydia
Step 1: Jailbreak your iOS device if you haven’t done already (Quick guide to jailbreak iOS 6.x on any iOS device.)
Step 2: Open Cydia
Step 3: Tap on Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add
Step 4: Add this source:
Step 5: Now, look for AppCake in Cydia’s search
Step 6: iPhone/iPod Touch: install AppCake or AppCake+
Step 7: iPad: Install AppCake HD
Step 8: Cydia will complete the installation
Step 9: Reboot the device. Make sure you tether it if your device runs iOS 6 (there’s only tethered jailbreak so far)
Step 10: AppCake should be available on the Springboard now. Tap and enjoy.

How to Use AppCake:

Once you’ve installed AppCake, using it is as simple as Installous.

  • Open AppCake from Springboard
  • Browser categories or tap on Search to look for apps
  • AppCake also allows you to take a look at the top 20 apps (weekly, overall) so you can find popular apps instantly
Basically, AppCake works much like Installous does: only, in an even more simplified way.


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