BlueStacks for Windows or Mac

If you're a Windows 8 user frustrated with the paltry selection of apps, or a Mac OS X user who wants an Android experience without having to buy any additional hardware, BlueStacks offers a virtual Android environment, complete with access to the Google Play store. As it turns out, though, this emulator may not be worth the trouble.

Getting Started

BlueStacksIt's available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, and Mac OSX; we installed a version of BlueStacks designed specifically for the Microsoft Surface Pro.
Getting BlueStacks up and running was simple: we downloaded the Surface Pro version (a 9.1MB file) from, installed the program and opened it.


BlueStacksDon't think you're getting a typical Android desktop with this app. BlueStacks opens to a white-and-grey screen with four buttons at the top: My Apps, Top Charts, 1-Click Sync and App Search. Top Charts displays what the most popular apps were at any given moment (though we're unsure how accurate the rankings were, considering we couldn't recognize any of the chart toppers).
My Apps listed the apps we had installed; 1-Click Sync sent apps from BlueStacks to our phone/tablet, but not vice versa; and App Search let us search for apps.
BlueStacksWhen in full-screen mode, swiping from the bottom left corner reveals several buttons. Among them is a "Show Menu" that did nothing when pressed. The Back button let us return to the previous screen. "Share" took screenshots of what we did in BlueStacks and let us post the image to our Facebook or Twitter account. Settings opened BlueStacks' settings menu. A button to the right of Settings switched between windowed and full-screen mode, and X closed BlueStacks. The enlarged button to the right of all these buttons returns you to BlueStacks' Home screen.
Within Settings, there is an option for Cloud Connect, which sends apps, app updates, photos and text messages from your phone to your PC. To set this up, we had to enter our email address as well as our phone number. Once we tapped Register, we were supposed to get a text message on our phone that would provide instructions on how to complete the process. We attempted this more than three times, but never received a text message.
In Settings, you can also perform other tasks such as changing the language BlueStacks uses, adjusting keyboard settings, managing your accounts, setting date/time and more. Change App Size allowed us to switch between two views for each app: tablet and default.

Solutions for Microsoft Surface Pro
There is a solution for bluestacks with windows computers, including Surface Pro and other. The instructions I'm giving you are for Surface Pro and works like a charm:

On Surface Pro: 

Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Device Manager -> Display Graphics -> double click -> Uninstall Graphics Driver -> Restart Surface Pro...and problem fixed!

The problem is the update from Intel...but when you uninstall graphics driver, and restart computer, Microsoft will automatically do an update on the driver, and this one works super well. I was able to install Bluestacks on surface Pro program and is amazing.
Hope you enjoy and have fun. It is an amazing program...more than what I was expecting.


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