How to add Add a Menu for Restart, Shut Down, Hibernate and Other Power Shortcuts in Desktop Context Menu of Windows 10

This post let you know how you can Shutdown, Restart, Lock & Sleep and more in Windows 10 from right click context menu. The trick is pretty neat and simple and need one or two click to setup the power options on your Windows Right click menu.

1- Download the Power Button file from here

2- Now, double click on Add Power Menu.reg file. Click on “Yes” in the Registry Editor window (shown above).

3- Now Click Ok

That’s it! If you right click anywhere on the desktop now, you’ll see the options for locking, restarting, shutting,sleeping,switching and more.

I've tested this and can confirm that it is safe and works fine. I was able to Lock, Shutdown and Restart my Windows 10 PC just fine.
if you didn't like the Power Menu in your context menu i have attached a Remove Power Menu.reg file to remove it from the context menu.


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